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Via Francigena

Video of our cycle to Rome along the Via Francigena.
Ronan at Eagle Podium Outside arch to Cathedral 2 Cliffs of Dover 6 Ronan in WW1 Cemetery Ronan on timber 2 Turlough Laon Roland Plaque Ronan 6 Map reading in rain Roman Road 4 Awards Bike and Flowers Ruins 6 On Trail Ronan and Cliff face Ronan on logs 4 Trail St Bernard Dog and Ronan 2 St Bernard Pass Sun rising St Bernard Pass Sun rising Glacier SIgn and me Monastery 2 Ronan wrapped up Sacrophagus Bridge Span Ronan beside Rapid 3 Bike wheels 3 Ronan and bikes on beach Bikes Ronan on bike Me on tower with video Lucca from Tower 5 Ronan 6 Piazza Anfitheatro Puncture Two of us near SG 2 Ronan in Pallio Two of us in St Peters Sq Ronan at Colliseum Me on Via Appia 3 Ronan on Via Appia

Ronan at Canterbury Cathedral

Ronan at Canterbury Cathedral

Roman Road

Ronan on the Roman Road in France

Bikes on Beach Pietrasanta


14 Responses to “Via Francigena”

  1. Peter Kearney

    Hello Turlough and Ronan
    Have just read through the blog (link forwarded by Dermot) of your epic bike pilgrimage. Some journey!! I like the way you describe it all – pithy, which suits well the nature of the journey and the small opportunities you must have to write. It is tough terrain you are going through and understandable you have taken the occasional train. Your illness Ronan must have made the going extremely hard – hope your feeling better now. You will be two fit and happy pilgrims when you get to the end of this ride. Will show to Madge.

      • tommy wogan

        well tourlough great to see you are injoying your trip love to have gone with you great to be able to read about your trip .ronan keep going your doing very well you will have some great memories of your trip with your dad .just take it easy on him he is not getting any younger ok .take care tourlough and ronan safe journey from all in kildavin gaa

  2. Eleanor

    The trip sounds great! I’m looking forward to seeing the photos. Ronan, I hope you’re better – just as well Nana doesn’t “surf” – she’d be sick with worry! See ye soon & enjoy rest of journey!

  3. Kevin

    Hey guys.. Great to see you’ve gone so far.. Keep up the good work. I’m delighted to see you’re doing so well… Keep the faith and keep pushing on… The end is near, enjoy it, you’ll remember it forever..

  4. Dermot

    Ah lads sounds amazing, takes a special breed to do what ye guys are doing, delighted for ye, now we all (well some us do) wish we could be there with ye! Good on ye Ronan!!

  5. aisling

    Guys it sounds amazing and frightning all in one!! Very well captured Turlough…think you have found your calling!! Delighted ye getting through it…Ronan’s injury looked gloomy so early on! Greetings from Eire Og…we are all rooting for ye both! Makes me want to go start the Camino tommorrow!
    Be safe, be strong
    Go neiri na boithre libh!

  6. hughie

    what an adventure . Its ronan i feel sorry for as i know how determined you are when it comes to rain and bikes!!!. the scenary, the experiences and the camradeship sounds great enjoy it . Arrivederche!!!

  7. Marian

    greetings from eire og health & fitness,
    looks like some adventure, were just chatting here about how mad u actually are Turlough!!
    we’ll have pepsi on drip for you when you get back, ill doubt you’ll want a place reserved in spinning anytime soon, best of luck for the rest of the trip & safe journey
    see ye soon:)

  8. tommy wogan

    well turlough congrats to ronan and you on reaching your destination that’s some journey. every body Ive talk to wants to know how you are getting on. jimma sends his regards to you and ronan .looking forward to see the photos of your epic journey.if you need me to pick you up at the airport let me know OK. take care

  9. Damer

    Brilliant stuff boys. You described it very well considering the limited time you’d have had to capture all the details in print. Well done Ronan, great achievement considering you were under the weather. Lonely Planet will have to watch out, we might have Looney Planet soon if you capture all your adventures as well as this one


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