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Blue Way v Green Way?

3 Responses to “Blue Way v Green Way?”

  1. Kerry Hardie

    This is a really good piece.
    Please will you now send Waterways Ireland an e-mail pointing out that the lack of real maintenance on the Barrow walk-way means there may soon be no walkway to fight over. All the lochs need maintenance, the stone-built sides to the track are being completely eroded by flood, the drainage ditches are blocked, and the weirs are being colonised by tenacious species which will cause them to break up. Recently I met an engineer from Waterways Ireland and though we had quite an aggressive beginning, he did in fact agree with me on all the above points then asked had I e-mailed Waterways Ireland to complain that this work was not being done. I said I hadn’t. He said the funding came from the North and unless there was a stack of e-mails pointing out work that needed to be done they couldn’t get money to do it.

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    • Turlough

      Hi Kerrie.
      I have contacted them previously but it’s as though they don’t really care.
      It’s a scandal the way they are damaging it – it’s as though the policy is to hardcore it by creeping slowly but surely along the length.
      I will get in touch again but I think it needs political will and there isn’t many votes in preserving the Barrow Track!
      Maybe you could share the post and lets get the public engaged.



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