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‘Serious Flaws’ in Barrow Towpath Proposal

2 Responses to “‘Serious Flaws’ in Barrow Towpath Proposal”

  1. Conor Mc Carthy

    Turlough I could not agree more with your excellent analysis and recommendation to give the best of both worlds and produce a unique mix. What really saddens/maddens me is the continuing habit of having “consultants plans” foisted on us without prior consultation – Inland Waterways et al bloddy well deserve the protests coming their way with their top down information meetings yet again treating the people who live here as trouble making idiots – no doubt the PR Guru’s will tell us they “hear what we are saying” , “going forward” !!

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    • Turlough

      Or ‘it is what it is’!! Or maybe ‘it is what we say it is’.
      Unless this is a magical new scientific surface that cannot be pot holed or washed away in floods this will be a major waste of public money…
      I hope I am wrong about this and I look forward to hearing what Waterways Ireland have to say at these meetings.



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