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Pack light!

This summer I exchanged pannier bags for a Revelate saddle bag. It meant I had much less storage space and was forced into packing smartly and frugally.
Maybe because the weather was so good I got away with bringing a lot less clothing.
A couple of other benefits were the bike was easier manage, was more stable, less bulky as the load was over the rear wheel rather than on each side.
The other major plus is travelling through the airport. The bike fitted into my bike bag much easier and I was able to put all my luggage in their too.

The bike bag is a clever idea from Ground Effect of New Zealand. It’a a sturdy canvas type bag that folds up, allowing you to







Many roads to Jerusalem

IMG_1348.JPG My plan this year was to start in Rome and head for Brindisi. But the best laid plans don’t always work out. Ian Brodrick twisted my arm gently and I headed to Dijon instead to help with marking the Jerusalem Way. When I get more time I will update with some detail. It turned out to be a great week!

Carlow to Bobbio

Crypt 3 Ronan beside rapid Writing His Rule Top 2 Bridge SpanOne of the great memories from 2010 was diverting from the Via Francigena and visiting the tomb of Columbanus in Bobbio.

Doing so under our own steam made it special – were we the first Carlovians to do so since Columbanus himself!

Bridge and Bobbio 3


One of the great sights on the Barrow is to see the members of Carlow Rowing Club on the water. Especially early in the morning. Every Sunday morning the river comes to life as they head up towards Knockbeg and back to quayside, under the watchful eyes of their coaches who bike alongside shouting in instructions.

Barrow Track


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