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I can safely say some of my best memories were cycling the Camino with each of my three young lads, Cian, Darragh and Ronan just after they finished primary school. 12 years age and it was no problem to them! Ronan then cycled the Via Francigena with me in 2010. Only Jerusalem left to complete the three great pilgrimage routes of Christendom! Some nice memories here – have lost a lot of the video footage but these clips give a flavour

When the shadows are long

Without doubt the most comfortable time for cycling or walking on the Camino in the summer months is early morning when shadows are long. The heat on the Meseta in particular can be over powering and an early start is essential. Average temperatures can be 28 – 30 degrees. Start with the sun at your back and head west!

Cycle woes on the Camino

After guiding them for almost 800 kms and reaching the outskirts of Santiago de Compostella, my three amigos abandoned me when my wheel rim suffered excess wearing and split in two! No repair was possible and a replacement wheel was the only option.
Luckily I was within spitting distance of the city and improvised to complete the Camino.
Thanks Alan, Aisling and Mary!

Camino Trail Magic

The route across Spain crosses through so many different terrains; starting by crossing the high Pyrenees and winding slowly westward through magnificent cities, ancient villages, vineyards, cornfields, the meseta and into Celtic Galicia.
Each day is different and always surprising. Here is a short clip of the route in Galicia.

Arrival in Praza do Obradoro, Santiago de Compostella

One of the most emotional moments for pilgrims on El Camino de Santiago is to arrive in front of the great Cathedral in Praza do Obradoro. After weeks of walking or cycling pilgrims are exhausted and weak and emotionally challenged. For many it ends in floods of tears; for others in uncontrolled joy..
Here are Mary, Alan and Aisling arriving by bike into the Square.