Barrow Track – in June 2012!!

With the date for submissions for the Barrow Blueway to be in by Jan 5th , I think this might be appropriate but hopefully not a portent of what’s ahead this summer!

This was the scene on the Barrow track after two days of heavy rain in June 2012.

Anywhere there are hard surfaces at present on the Barrow Track are potholed and most unattractive to walk on; yet the grassy surfaces tend to be perfect (apart from during floods!) – except where it has been damaged by heavy vehicles and badly repaired.

This is a great resource with great potential and there is an economic dividend to be had. But we need to progress carefully and ensure the Barrow can be enjoyed for what it is – a vast ribbon of untamed greenway, full of wildlife, colour, tranquility and peace. There is plenty of room for more traffic but I fear that any attempt to touch the surface will have the opposite effect.

Anyway here was the track in June – and the first time a trout passed me on the track!

Please share this post; we need to get the right development not something that simply looks good on paper.

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