Disney Land!!

I have been asked to post up route maps of local cycle routes, here is a very handy 17kms loop that takes in a visit to an interesting graveyard!


One of the first things I do before I start any cycle is check the wind direction! I prefer to face the wind on the way out and have it in my back on the return leg – it certainly feels better anyway!

Tonight I christened this route Disney Land!

On such a beautiful evening as tonightI headed out to a graveyard that is seldom visited – if you are to judge by the overgrown state of it. An awful pity – because Clonmelsh graveyard is another Carlow gem.

Walt Disney is probably one of the most recognised names anywhere across the globe and some of his ancestors are buried here.




Disney Grave at Clonmelsh

That’s a good reason to take the bike out on a fine summers evening.

Disney Graves

Disney Graves

As famous as the Disney name is, the graveyard is also the resting place of the family of Pierce Butler – one of the signatories of the American Constitution!

It also contains one scary crypt! This crypt is wide open and sadly vandalised.

Garryhunden Tomb

Crypt at Clonmelsh

Continuing on my nice little journey I followed some lovely quiet roads that took me back to Carlow passing this lovely post box at Moyle.



Lots to see on safe back roads around Carlow Town – never more than 5 miles from home.

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