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Daniel loves Derry

Magical Story to Warm the Heart

The Warrior's Code

By Steven Doherty

Daniel loves Derry.  The acorn, as they say, doesn’t fall far from the tree and my son is a dyed in the wool Oakleaf supporter. He goes to every home game – minors, under 21s, seniors. Talks about an upcoming game for the entire week leading up to throw-in, then discusses the minutiae of the match in forensic detail for days afterwards.

Still only nine, he doesn’t quite share his father’s animus for Tyrone yet, but with time and good parenting that will soon come.

Reporting on games normally sees me clocked in the comfort and safety of the pressbox so Daniel sits in the Celtic Park or Owenbeg stands with his Granda, his uncle and his cousin. Three generations of Derry men, huddled round the tay flask and sandwiches prepared by my mother, roaring on Derry in their best egg n onion breath.

One time his…

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