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How to solve the Fixtures……

I’m cycling in the dark of night on quiet back roads just over the border in County Laois. Gusty winds. Twinkling stars. I love these autumn nights on the bike.

Waiting on a call from Stevie Poacher. “I’ll call ye in 10”.

Seeking inspiration. How to solve the greatest mystery since the Incident at Dyatlov Pass.

I shuffle my phone playlist while I wait for the call back.

  • Ventura Highway by America. One for dreaming to.
  • I say a Little Prayer by Aretha Franklin
  • A Simple Song (from Mass) by Leonard Bernstein, one of Mary’s great choir pieces.
  • Sting singing Mo Ghile Méar accompanied by The Chieftains. Absolutely Class.
  • The Dixie Chicks belting out The Long Way Around. Great bike song.
  • Bruce and Born to Run
  • Willie Nelson On The Road Again
  • One – U2 & Pavarotti.

I revisit in my mind previous iterations I had devised in 2016 of how to restructure the Championship. Things have moved on since then. Demand for change is growing. Frustrated players feel they are not being heard and would settle for any change at this stage. But whatever we do it can’t be worse than what we have.

Each song raises my spirits; I’m cruising along past Killeshin GAA Club and ideas are flowing through my head. The bike is a great place for thinking. My 20kms passes in what seems like a few minutes. I’m buzzing.

Head in to the house and start typing the bullets flying round in my head before I forget them and have to do it all again!

The outline of what can be an alternative plan is formulating in my head. One that might provide players with more meaningful games, more opportunities for teams to develop, yet retains our Provincial and League Finals and provides ‘layer upon layer’ all within one season. It’s radical. Needs refining. Watch this space!

Stevie calls and he fills me in on the Down Championship semi finals and on the success of his Coaching Clinic last Saturday. A one man whirlwind.

2 Responses to “How to solve the Fixtures……”

  1. James McAnespy

    I don’t understand why this is proving so difficult. Run off the provincial championships early the year then each of the eight finalists get seeded in a Champions League-style eight groups of four teams leading to a round of 16 knockout.

    • Turlough

      Worth looking at James. Change will come but they need to get it right over the next few months and not let it drag out.


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