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Back in the Saddle!

I had a bad fall on the bike 129 days ago. Multiple fractures of my humerus resulting in the insertion of 3 plates in the arm. The prognosis wasn’t good. It would be at least 8 months before I could cycle again and at that the arm would never be able to extend fully.

Just over 4 months later the picture is much better! Today was my first 20kms cycle since January and I did it along my favourite route, The Barrow Track. It was a slow cagey bike ride but it felt like I was getting my life back!

First cycle in four months and it felt good!

To be honest I was fearful I might never get back up on the bike given the extent of the break. But full credit to the great people in Waterford hospital, they did a phenomenal job on knitting the bone back together.

Funny how your mood and mind can change! I was resigned to no biking this year at best and now I’m planning ahead for my next bike tour. Coast to Coast. But not the simple Dublin – Galway route. I’ve a much more adventurous and interesting route planned from Blacksod Bay in Mayo to Carlingford in Louth. Hopefully get to it in July, providing rehab continues at the pace it is now.

Back on the Barrow

Will keep you updated!.

6 Responses to “Back in the Saddle!”

  1. Hike Cycle Ireland (Martin)

    That was an awful injury but great to hear you’re making good progress. The mental aspect of an injury can be as tough as the physical. Good luck with the coast to coast!

    • Turlough

      It was a simple accident with severe consequences… you just never realise how easy it is to do damage! But good to get a first cycle done and hopefully keep it going now Martin!


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