Pilgrim Priest

My pilgrimage to Rome in 2010 was strongly influenced by the exploits of St Columbanus, who as I have said in previous posts, is considered to be a native of my own county. That fascinated me no end.

That leaves Jerusalem out there tempting me to get back on my bike. And just as the Carlow connection prodded me to take to the Via Francigena, I find connections between here and Jerusalem drawing me to the cradle of all religions, or at least providing justification for another adventure!

Thanks to Louise Nugent, of Pilgrimage in Medieval Ireland Blog, for a fantastic article about a Carlow Priest, Father Joseph Braughall who made the pilgrimage to Jerusalem in 1821.

The Blog informs that Fr Braughall was granted leave of absence by Bishop Doyle – aka ‘JKL’, (James of Kildare & Leighlin diocese). Where do you think I was born and reared? in JKL Avenue….

And when Fr Braughall lost his papers he wrote to the Presentation Convent appealing for support. My wife went to school in the Presentation…

It’s looking more and more likely that I will be mounting up for Jerusalem this summer!

When i get the chance I will post it up in full.

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