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Rock Art of County Carlow

Rathgeran Rock Art

Rathgeran Rock Art

I love this example of rock art from Rathgeran.

One of many fine examples of Rock Art in the South of the County and well worth looking for. Not too easy to locate without local knowledge but worth the reward of scouring the hillsides!

How were they created?


They have stood the test of time and they should be signposted for people to visit.

Knockmore Hill

Knockmore Hill

And apparently rock art is still being discovered as it lies in ditches or has been moved in recent years when farmers drained and developed land.

2 Responses to “Rock Art of County Carlow”

  1. Mairead Holohan

    Local lore tells of a Dolmen in the adjoins field. A Dr Tireney from Graignamanagh seemed to think this site was actually the entrance to a Newgrange like structure. It certainly is one of the most amazing spots. Did you go to the top of the hill and see the remains of what looks like a stone wall, perhaps a settlement?

    • rotharroutes

      I did indeed Mairead. It’s a fantastic viewing point for the surrounding area and there are the remains of a hill fort up there. I’m sure there’s lots more to it than we know of. This part of Carlow is so beautiful and interesting.


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