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Bridge over Mountain River!

A bit cheeky for a heading but the Borris Viaduct does indeed form a bridge over the stunning Mountain River.

Haven’t had much time to post lately so here are some nice views in and around Borris

Boris Viaduct

Boris Viaduct

It’s a river we don’t pay much heed to but the Mountain River is as pretty as the Slaney and the Barrow.



Viaduct over Mountain River at Borris

Viaduct over Mountain River at Borris

Is this the most unusual bridge in Carlow?

Mountain River bridge

Mountain River bridge

10 Responses to “Bridge over Mountain River!”

  1. Ronan Fahy

    Hi – would you be agreeable to us using either of the first two images of the Borris Viaduct on this page as wallpaper? We are a non-commercial, non-money-making government body with a regional office in Carlow, and we like to set our PCs’ default wallpapers to a nice image of something local to the area they’re in. Thanks, Ronan



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