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Controversy comes to a tranquil and beautiful walkway

I think Olivia O Leary has put it rather well

I can’t match here eloquence with the written word but I think these photos also tell the same story. The Barrow is our piece of Paradise and we don’t need a hardcore surface to spoil it.


Carlow in Flood 2015-12-30 (1)


Heron near Ballytiglea


Go with the Flow!


Perfect for cycling as it is!!


Peace and quiet….and nature

Barrow in Flood 2015-12-29 (3)

Swans at Carlow

Rowing Club

Evening time on the Barrow

Rowers on the Barrow

Carlow Rowing Club – true custodians of the river in Carlow Town


A sambo where the Mountain River meets the Barrow

Barrow Cycle

Barrow Cycle – what’s the problem with what we have?

Sunset at Milford

Milford at sunset

Sunset at Milford

Milford bridge



Barrow evening

Near Ballytiglea

2 Responses to “Controversy comes to a tranquil and beautiful walkway”

  1. Ger Lawlor

    Let the powers that be leave the beautiful Barrow track alone. It doesn’t need any interference except to keep the grass suitable for walking on. Preserve what we have that’s good for ourselves and our visitors.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Turlough

      This is a fabulous route as it is and I think a hard surface will be detrimental to the amenity and the environment.
      Local knowledge must be taken into consideration and valued when making this decision.



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