Holiday at Home 2!

Borris looked no worse for wear following the annual Fair.

The forecast was good, no showers expected but I brought a light rain jacket just in case.

The route today returned to the Barrow and continued into St Mullins. For some reason I was moving at snails pace; there was no rush and I enjoyed the views and the conversations along the way. Inevitably they all turned to the proposal! Again the consensus was to leave it as it is, indeed one elderly couple from Graigue had just been on the Waterford Greenway. I was surprised at that as the lady was using a crutch although she was mobile. She had a close call on the Greenway as bikes whizzed past. They could not see how it can work on such a narrow path.

Offers of tea came via twitter and text from two Carlow hurling heroes from rival clubs. I could take neither up on their offer as time was agin me and I was moving so slow if I stopped I might not get going again! Another time perhaps.

The forecast was wrong! I had to shelter twice under a canopy of trees on the Track and they kept me bone dry. But the Gods must have been displeased as I got a right soaking starting at Gowlin and continuing as far as Rathanna! It just meant the camera stayed under cover and the cycling continued.

I had stopped in St Mullins before that and wandered between the holy well and the graveyard; it is a really interesting place and well worth a visit. I was parched however but the shop was closed! That meant no water until I hit Borris at the end of the cycle!.

The road across to Glynn and onward to Ballymurphy is fabulous cycling surface devoid of traffic. There are great views of the Blackstairs too and reminders of the old railway line are still there making me wonder about the possible use of same for a Greenway!  There is a lovely loop along a lane off this road to the right after Gowlin that returns you to Ballymurphy, bordered by stone walls, its a window on times past. But I was too wet today to divert!

Rathanna is a good 7kms from Ballymurphy and its a gradual climb out of the village until the left turn just before the Scullogue Gap. Rathanns has its own hostel, provided by Osbornes and a great facility for both hikers and cyclists.

It was time to head back to Borris via Rosdillig and for home. A good second day of cycling. 50 kms approx. Here is a link to the route:

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