You never know what you will see out on your Bike!

One of the great advantages of cycling is you see so much more detail and have the chance to converse with people you bump into on your route.

Today was interesting.

Warning signs have been erected along the Barrow about the presence of crayfish plague in the river

Warning – Crayfish plague present

I got speaking to a couple of anglers, up past ‘the Sugar Factory’, and asked them had they any luck. They had caught a lot of pike – one of them 10 1/2 lb weight! What was interesting was they said the heads of the pike were scratched and they had ‘boils’ on the faces. They reckoned this was caused by the crayfish plague. It’s a serious threat to the native white clawed crayfish and the ecology of the Barrow system.

The fishermen were very concerned about it; it is probably too late now that the invasion has begun.

A little further on I met a guy with a big plastic sack and a paper picker. He was telling me he brings the dog for a walk and always picks up any discarded rubbish. Should have got his name. He’s a Dub judging by his accent who moved here 20 years ago and loves the Barrow Track.

In their own way all are guardians of this great resource.

Heron at Knockbeg

There seems to have been an explosion in heron numbers in recent years; every heron seems to have its own territory beside the many weirs along the river. Lovely elegant birds.

Autumn is a great time to visit the river – the banks of the river are lined with trees and are a feast of colour this time of year.

Autumn colours on the Barrow track

My route home took me through New Oak Estate and some lovely decorative gardens caught my eye! Well done to the residents of New Oak who have the area in tip top shape.

Flower Head

Flower Power

Fairy Garden

Carlow Wheelers


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