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Autumn Photo Compilation

Great views from Ulster and Connaught; there is so much to see in this little country!

Hike Cycle Ireland

I thought I’d add a ‘quick’ post pulling together some photos from my hiking and cycling excursions over the past couple of months.

First up is an image from a cycle back in September.

DSC_1018c.jpgThis was taken quite close to home, along the southwest shore of Lough Neagh at Brockagh, County Tyrone. I regularly cycle along the lough and never tire of the expansive views, which change as you move around the shore. This is looking across Counties Armagh and Down to the distant Mourne Mountains, about 60kms away. Slieve Donard, the highest point in the province of Ulster, is on the left.

Next up are a couple of images from a hike in the Castlegal Hills of north Leitrim

DSC_1099b.jpgDSC_1112bab.jpgThis line of craggy summits face the main Dartry mountain range across the Glencar Valley, and I’ve often gazed over at them from my oft-travelled back route…

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