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All Roads Lead to Rome

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    • Turlough

      It was an amazing trip Martin, we were away for 3 weeks approx, can’t remember exactly. We didn’t manage to cycle the whole route as Ronan got ill along the way and we had to take the train for some but we cycled at least 1600kms…
      Rome is chaotic; we managed ok but traffic was bedlam. Accommodation was the biggest issue – we arrived in the evening time and couldn’t get anywhere to stay. Ended up cycling up one way streets in the dark and tried about a dozen places before we got a bed for the night – but it was worth it!

      • Hike Cycle Ireland (Martin)

        Have been there myself and didn’t strike me as a place that would be too tolerant of leisure cyclists! Must’ve been amazing seeing the changing landscapes and cultures. Did you cycle over the Alps or was that the train part?

      • Turlough

        We did indeed. One of the great milestones of the journey was to cycle over the St Bernard Pass. 8.114 feet. Unbelievable but not the most difficult climbing we had. We diverted to Bobbio to the tome of Columbanus – possibly the first Irish people to arrive there under our own steam since Columbanus himself. The climb out of Bobbio up into the Apennines seemed much harder. Another milestone was to dip the front wheels of our bikes in the ‘Sea at the Centre of the Earth’ – the Mediterranean. Unforgettable memories.

      • Hike Cycle Ireland (Martin)

        Some great symbolism there! Didn’t know of Bobbio, I think we often forget the legacy our saints left on the continent. There’s definitely something special about seeing the sea again after a long journey overland.

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