Cycling Lake Garda

Cycling Lake Garda.

I was fortunate to spend some time away cycling in the Lake Garda area last week and was struck by the sheer number of signposted cycling routes. They certainly make it attractive to get out on the bike and follow way marked routes of varying distances that appeal to all level of cycling ability. There are literally hundreds of routes that make use of the local network of minor roads and pathways. In most cases it is simply a matter of erecting basic directional signage, producing a brochure of routes with very little spending on infrastructure. Nothing fancy or expensive, just functional. It can be replicated to great effect here at home with our great network of really good minor roads.

Apart that is from the new 140km cycle path that will follow the perimeter of the lake! It is estimated to cost €102 million when completed!  With so many visitors to the area using cars to circumnavigate the lake and because the western side is fairly inaccessible with many road tunnels that are not safe for cycling and walkers, the new path will help connect isolated villages and open up that side to sustainable tourism.

The first 4km has been built and consists of a suspended path above the lake along the cliff edge. It’s pretty impressive!

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