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Proposal B is Daft …. Part Two!!

Glad that my blog created talking points about Proposal B. We all want to see our county perform well in the summer months. A Competition structures that achieve those two aims is definitely something to aspire to.

But the more I look at this the more convinced I am that it must be rejected.

8 top teams, drawn from Division 1 and Division 2 will have no summer football in June and July. What was all the clamour for change about? If we based it on the NFL standings of the 2020 League here is what it would look like:

If I am wrong please let me know but this is the scenario based on league finishing positions.

Take it a step further. Imagine that teams from one province dominated the 10 positions for the ‘All Ireland’, sorry ‘Semi All Ireland’, I mean ‘Third of an All Ireland’! Seriously have a look at this scenario, again based on the make up of the four divisions of the 2020 NFL, adjusted to show Ulster teams dominating:

These are real possibilities. Once the league is over – and it is the National Football League, just played in April and May. Dress it up anyway you want, but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. And this is the NFL, out of which 10 TEAMS ONLY will contest the All Ireland series.

For the life of me I just cannot see ANY merit in this proposal and I hope it is sent back to the drawing board. Please tell me I have this all wrong. We deserve better.

5 Responses to “Proposal B is Daft …. Part Two!!”

  1. Liam o brien

    Be realistic its the same teams that dominate the leagues every year yes it may be an unfair system but thats the reality

  2. Damien Sheehan

    Great Blog Turlough and I agree. Proposal B needs to go back to the drawing board. I would suggest allowing 8 Div 1 team, Top 4 Div 2 and Top 2 from Div 3 & 4. This represents the last 16. The best teams will come to the top but still gives the lower teams and chance to compete for Sam, rather than just being banished to B championship Tailteann Cup or where ever its call.

    • Turlough

      Thanks Damien. We may wait now to see the way the vote goes. It looks like Proposal B is going to be accepted and we may make the best of it if it is!

  3. Darragh Coffey

    Ultimately, if we were to go with Div 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, with Top 3 in Div 1 groups & winners of Div 2 groups reaching the quarter finals, I think we are closer to arriving at correct balance between maintaining sporting integrity & giving everyone a crack at the bigtime. The real solution (which will never happen) is centralisation of sponsorship.

    • Turlough

      Integrity of the competition is essential; what is proposed is likely to be passed though! If they could centralise sponsorship and ensure financial fair play, it would definitely lift all boats a little higher.


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