The White Church

The White Church

The shortest day of the year and the thoughts of Christmas shopping filled me with dread! Much rather open spaces and solitude on this important day in all civilisations and generations. Every day from now on is filled with a little more daylight and spring is ahead to look forward to.

I got away down to Kiloughternane, one of my favourite places in Carlow. The White Church is such a pretty ruin; a link going back to the 5th century….who built it? Why? Why here?

Across the road is St Forthcerns Well – where the ‘Braganza Chalice’, dated 1595, was found. It is now in St Andrews Church, Bagenalstown as far as I know. Major celebrations were held here from July 28th July 30th in 2000 to mark the 1500th anniversary of the death of St Fortune – a contemporary of St Patrick.

Always good to get out!

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